About us


About us

General overview

Nhu Y trading Co establishes close relationships with our suppliers to ensure only the best quality produce ever reaches our customers, with full traceability. We are continuously expanding our technical knowledge and raw material supply base via contract farming

Every grower and packer we work with is certified to international standards such as Viet Gap and Globle Gap


Our fresh fruits and vegetables produces for export to EU – Asia – Middle East and Dried banana for Newzealand and Black tea – Green tea for Taiwan markets.

We have thoroughly knowledgeable about the requirements for lab testing ofarm and our products have growning from farms is certified to international standards such as Global GAP, and has full traceability

Further, by overseeing all aspects of production and transport, Nhu Y Trading Co may ensure that nothing will get in the way of safe, healthy, and totally fresh produce reaching to door our customers

Farming season