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Young coconuts have delighted travelers to the tropics for thousands of years. Their sweet, refreshing water is the most
reliably potable thirst quencher to be found; and their pervasiveness is testament to man’s love for them. With modern refrigeration technology, this “Taste of the Tropics” is now available year round to coconut lovers all over the world.

In stiest in the world. A combination of perfect growing conditions, the local variety of coconut palm, and careful cultivation techniques passed down through the generations produce a completely unique and superior taste.

Young coconuts grow in bunches on fronds, taking approximately six months from flowering until they are ready to harvest for
drinking. A healthy coconut tree will produce new shoots every twenty days, meaning that a mature tree will produce a bunch (between ten and fifteen coconuts) that can be harvested every three weeks. Only the coconut farmer knows the exact number of days for his trees’ coconuts to be ready – when the meat inside will be just the right thickness, and the desired taste will stay with the coconuts after harvesting..


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